Intellectual Property & Patent Law Blog

Intellectual Property & Patent Law Blog

A Federal Court Joins ANTIFA, ISIS, Mullahs; Declares Cancel Culture ...

A U.S. District Court in the Central District of California has declared cancel culture a Constitutional Right to Free Speech. The notion of cancel culture is not new. The Mullahs…

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Should We File a Provisional Patent Application Before Marketing a ...

Major features of provisional patent applications and the differences with non-provisional patent applications. To briefly introduce the background, provisional patent filing was offered by the USPTO in 1995 to provide…

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Whether a Combination of a Generic Term with a Top-level ...

Introduction A trademark is a word, symbol, phrase, or a combination thereof that identifies the source of goods or services offered by a specific provider. The distinctiveness of a mark…

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Is Your AI Invention Patentable?

Introduction Generally, an artificial intelligence (AI) system is a set of algorithms, a mechanism, or a data-analyzing pipeline that is able to discover complex relationships and valuable information from the…

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