Intellectual Property & Patent Law Blog

Intellectual Property & Patent Law Blog

How to Approach a Patent Infringement Case

After successfully registering your patent with USPTO any competitor attempting to use your idea needs to ask for your approval first. Sometimes you may come across other companies using and…

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An Introduction to Intellectual Property

For any business, the right to tangible assets such as equipment, land, and the like is considered to be common knowledge, and there are no concerns about ownership in such…

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Protecting Rights to IP as a Freelance Worker or Independent ...

According to Forbes magazine, 35 percent of the American workforce is composed of freelance workers and independent contractors. Collectively, they have annual earnings of approximately $1 trillion, and 2.8 million…

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Trademark Tips for Small Businesses to Enhance Protection and Bolster ...

While you may believe you need to develop your business further before you start thinking of protecting it, it is, in fact, the opposite that is recommended to foster the…

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