Intellectual Property & Business Litigation Attorneys Serving Orange County

Intellectual Property & Business Litigation Attorneys Serving Orange County

Business Contracts – Creation & Disputes

At the heart of almost every business agreement is a contract. We can create, review contracts and litigate contract disputes for your business needs. We can help you determine whether a valid contract exists, how to enforce it, or defend against it in a contract or partnership dispute. Our Irvine, CA business lawyers serve clients in Orange County to assert your rights, and determine damages caused by others against you, then litigate to help you recover those damages.

Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation

Stealing ideas is wrong. Intellectual property litigation attorney Michael M. Ahmadshahi will be a strong advocate as you fight to protect what is yours.

When another party infringes on your intellectual property rights, what can you do? How do you enforce your IP rights?

If you have the right protections in place for your intellectual property – through patents, registered copyrights, trademarks, or service marks – those protections are your best evidence and argument in IP litigation. Our extensive legal and technical experience can help present your rights effectively and aggressively.

At the Michael Ahmadshahi, PhD, Law Offices, we have the technical and legal knowledge to fight for your intellectual property rights in a court of law. More importantly, we have a high level of respect for people who create great ideas.

  • If someone else is making a product based on your patented idea, you need an attorney who has the skill and passion to protect your patent rights through patent infringement litigation.
  • Has your trademark or service mark been infringed upon by another party? Talk to our trademark litigation law offices about protecting your IP rights.
  • If your literary, musical, or artistic work is being used by someone else without your authority, contact our copyright litigation attorney about a lawsuit.
  • Has an employee, former employee, or someone else with inside knowledge violated a trade secret agreement, placing your valuable trade secret in jeopardy? We can help you protect your rights.

In certain circumstances, when Intellectual Property infringement is blatant and the damage great, we are able to take a limited number of intellectual property litigation cases on a contingent basis. Contact Ahmadshahi Law Office in Irvine, CA today.

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