Intellectual Property & Business Litigation Attorneys in Los Angeles

Business Lawyer in Los Angeles

The center of nearly every business arrangement is a contract. Proficient attorneys can formulate legal contracts, review lawful agreements, as well as litigate agreement disputes for all company needs. Furthermore, an experienced attorney can help to determine if a certain contract is valid, how to enforce a contract, and how to defend a contract when a dispute arises.

The Los Angeles business attorneys of the Ahmadshahi Law Offices are highly skilled in the field of business contracts. They will help to assert the rights of their clients and determine the damages owed. They will also work diligently to litigate and recover the damages owed. 

Intellectual Property Litigation in Los Angeles

Attorney Michael M. Ahmadshahi is experienced in the field of intellectual property rights. He works diligently to protect the rights of his clients and is a strong advocate for enforcing intellectual property rights.

Business owners who have taken preemptive measures to protect their rights can still face a violation of their rights. Those who have taken the right legal protections for their intellectual property – through the use of registered copyrights, patents, service marks, or trademarks – could count on the best evidentiary support in intellectual property litigation. Experienced intellectual property law attorneys from the Ahmadshahi Law Offices can represent the rights of a client effectively and assertively in and around Los Angeles, CA.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights – Explained by Los Angeles Attorney Michael Ahmadshahi

Intellectual property and business litigation requires both technical and legal expertise.  The attorneys at the Ahmadshahi Law Offices are highly proficient in both of those aspects and will fight aggressively to protect the intellectual property rights of their clients in a court of law. The attorneys at the Ahmadshahi Law Offices will work tirelessly to protect clients under the following circumstances:

  • Protecting the rights of a client’s patented idea through the use of patent litigation.
  • Through the use of trademark litigation, upholding the legal rights of a client whose trademark or service mark has been infringed upon.
  • If a literary work, artistic work, computer program, photo, video, or music has been used by another party without proper permission, the attorneys at Ahmadshahi Law Offices will work to enforce the rights of the client through a lawsuit in copyright infringement.
  • The attorneys at the Ahmadshahi Law Offices will also work to protect the rights of trade secret holders. If a business partner, employee, or other party has violated the terms of a trade secret agreement, non-disclosure agreement, or an employment agreement, the skilled attorneys at the Ahmadshahi Law Offices will work to protect their rights.

In many situations, when an intellectual property infringement is apparent and damages exist, the support of a knowledgeable and expert attorney is necessary. The attorneys at the Ahmadshahi Law Offices serving Los Angeles and surrounding area can take certain number intellectual property lawsuit cases on a contingent basis. Contact the support of the Ahmadshahi Law Offices as soon as possible. Not taking the necessary legal precautions can permanently affect your intellectual property; obtain the support of a skilled attorney can be an invaluable effort.

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