Mehdi Poursoltani, Esq.

Of Counsel


Mehdi Poursoltani is an admitted attorney to the State Bar of California and a registered patent practitioner with the USPTO. His areas of practice include patent prosecution, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and other IP-related matters. Mehdi also practices immigration law, specifically employment-based and business-related visas.

Mehdi earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law with a concentration in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. He has researched the patent eligibility and required standard of disclosure for conventional software and AI-related (artificial intelligence) patents. Moreover, he has researched the global impact of artificial intelligence on technology startups and the related legal issues. Mehdi had been one of the editors of the book “Artificial Intelligence, A Marketing Manipulation.” His latest article, “Disclosing AI Inventions,” will be published in Vol. 29 of the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal.

In USD Legal Clinics, Mehdi has helped clients with immigration matters, and has received a grade of honors for his services in the immigration clinic.

Mehdi holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering/Bioelectric. Prior to the practice of law, for more than a decade, he worked in the engineering field as an entrepreneur, inventor, CEO, R&D manager, and a senior full-stack engineer. He has hands-on experience in a wide range of technologies, including vehicle communication protocols, advanced digital signal processing, biological signal processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, embedded system design, analog/digital circuit design, controller area network, alignment systems, XYZ motion controllers, inkjet marking systems, dynamic data exchange, dynamic link library, data modulation, data communication, desktop and mobile application development, web programming, and data analysis.

Mehdi has also helped tech startups by preparing and evaluating IP strategies, monitoring team metrics, and investigating new technologies. He has utilized agile development platforms to direct the R&D teams on how to commercialize innovations and capitalize on new products.

Mehdi is a member of the Iranian American Bar Association.