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Patent protection dates back as early as 500 BC because it was understood early on that others should not profit from another’s inventions or ideas. US Federal law protects patent holders from infringement by individuals and corporations on designs and ideas that are registered with the United States Patent Office. This protection ensures fairness and competition within the marketplace and helps protect the inventor’s time, design, development costs, and solutions from someone simply stealing it. Dr. Michael Ahmadshahi has been an Irvine patent infringement lawyer for over 15 years in Irvine and Los Angeles, and personally holds of 3 patents of his own. We help inventors and companies file for patents, and litigate or defend against patent infringement lawsuits.

Expertise in Mechanics, Software, Hardware, Electronics and Optics

Before becoming a patent infringement lawyer in Irvine, CA, Dr. Ahmadshahi was a staff scientist with C.E. Niehoff & Co. and a Research Engineer with UC San Diego. Additionally, he has authored, or co-authored 16 articles in peer reviewed publications. You can read Michael Ahmadshahi’s biography here, but you should be confident that your case is in knowledgeable & experienced hands. We have protected countless individuals and companies pursue or defend against patent infringement actions and we can help you too. It’s critical that you take action now and call Michael today at (949) 260-4997 to schedule a consultation.

Title 35 U.S. Code Section § 271 – Patent Infringement

Typically in a valid patent infringement case, our first course of action is a cease & desist letter to put the infringing party on notice to halt activities that infringe upon your patent. This demands stopping production, advertising, sales and distribution of the product(s) in question. At that point, we can then explore potential damages that the infringing party has caused. United States Patent Code Title 25, Section 271 A, B and C protects a patent holder from infringement from another person or company:

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this title, whoever without authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented invention, within the United States or imports into the United States any patented invention during the term of the patent therefor, infringes the patent.
(b) Whoever actively induces infringement of a patent shall be liable as an infringer.
(c) Whoever offers to sell or sells within the United States or imports into the United States a component of a patented machine, manufacture, combination or composition, or a material or apparatus for use in practicing a patented process, constituting a material part of the invention, knowing the same to be especially made or especially adapted for use in an infringement of such patent, and not a staple article or commodity of commerce suitable for substantial noninfringing use, shall be liable as a contributory infringer.”

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We have helped clients pursue or defend against blatant infringement, as well as cases where infringement is less recognizable or when licensing or royalties complicate the matter.  We have also helped numerous people with the patent application process, which can be time consuming and bureaucratic. Our Irvine patent infringement attorneys have the experience to help you, anticipate problems and defenses, and pursue alternative forms of action. In addition to patent infringement, we also represent businesses on copyright & trademark infringement and trade secrets infringement. When possible, we can resolve your matter out of court with less cost to you, or in some cases we can pursue an infringement case for a patent holder on contingency – which means you pay nothing out of pocket until we’ve successfully resolved your matter. These are determined on a case-by-case basis, so it’s important that you call us today at (949) 260-4997 to determine how to best pursue your case.