Los Angeles Patent Application, Protection & Litigation Attorneys

Helping inventors is the lifeblood and passion of our practice. We’ve helped establish and protect hundreds of patents, as well as defend against infringement lawsuits over the last 15 years. Ahmadshahi Law Offices is comprised of patent attorneys in Los Angeles who can help you patent your invention, protect your patent if another party is infringing or has blatantly stolen your idea, or if you are being sued for patent infringement. We approach your patent as a business owner, because Michael Ahmadshahi is an inventor too, holding 3 patents of his own.

To help your business succeed and protect your idea, you need to make sure your idea is secured, protected, and cannot be copied. We can help you prosecute a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Dr. Ahmadshahi is a Los Angeles patent lawyer can help you differentiate your idea and dispute & appeal a patent denial. Our law offices is known for an ability to distinguish our client’s ideas from existing patents.
  • Do you have one patent or are there several patents within your idea? Our patent attorneys will work with you to determine all the original ideas present within your invention so that we can develop comprehensive patent protection.
  • We can also help you file for patent protection in other parts of the world by working through associated counsel in Europe, Canada, Australia, and other countries.
  • Should someone infringe on your patent in any way, our IP and patent litigation attorneys will aggressively and thoroughly protect your intellectual property rights in court.

Patent Process

To prosecute a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you need the help of our experienced patent attorneys who fully understands your idea and can file a complete application.

1. We conduct a thorough patent search to determine if your idea, invention or process has been patented already in the US or another country. Since your idea must be “new and unique” before it can be considered for a patent, we conduct a thorough national and international patent search to verify the originality of your idea.

2. If your invention is not patented already, we draft a comprehensive patent application that offers you the most protection. Our patent lawyers have exceptional patent application writing skills and will handle the drafting of your invention’s detailed description and specifications, including explanatory drawings if necessary. Our goal is to craft a patent application that is specific enough to distinguish and differentiate your unique invention, yet broad enough to make it difficult for another inventor to create a similar product or idea without infringing on your idea.

3. After our attorney drafts your patent application, we prosecute the application, which means we file it with the USPTO. Then, a patent examiner will carefully review the application, complete a separate independent patent search, and then decide whether your idea is “patentable.” If it is, the USPTO will send a notice of allowance, you pay the patent fee, and your invention is patented. If it is not, we will help you modify the application or fight the denial.

4. If the USPTO declares the idea to be unpatentable because it either has been patented already or was an obvious extension of another invention, we then aggressively handle the patent application denial. We either revise your patent so that it becomes patentable, or argue to the USPTO that the originally filed patent application is novel and not obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the art.
Once you have been approved, your patent will protect your inventions from infringement. If someone infringes on your invention, we can represent you in patent litigation to protect your IP rights.

Office in Century City

Ahmadshahi Law Offices are in Los Angeles in Century City (Google Maps), and we can meet with you to discuss your patent application or litigation matter. Call 800-747-6081 to discuss your matter today, or to schedule a consultation.