Startup Owner Sees Lawsuit as a Rite of Passage

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Startup Owner Sees Lawsuit as a Rite of Passage

Startup Owner Sees Lawsuit as a Rite of Passage

GoSpotCheck recently made the ranks of tech giants like Oracle and Apple—at least in one dubious category. Each of these companies has been sued by Leigh Rothschild. Rothschild and his Plano, Texas-based company Rothschild Digital Confirmation brought an action against GoSpotCheck in U.S. District Court in Denver, claiming they violated a 2008 patent for attaching a timestamp and location data to an image.

GoSpotCheck, the maker of software for field reps, is said to have “directly infringed” on Rothschild’s patent, according to the lawsuit, and “will continue to do so unless enjoined by this court.” Rothschild said that his company “has suffered monetary damages and is entitled to a monetary judgment” as a result.

GoSpotCheck’s CEO Matt Talbot said he didn’t know about Rothschild’s patent, and believes the complaint to be baseless.

“We just view this whole patent as invalid,” Talbot said. “We do intend to defend ourselves against what we view is a frivolous claim.”

Rothschild is claiming patent infringement and asked the court for GoSpotCheck to “be permanently restrained and enjoined from directly infringing” on the RDC patent, as well as monetary damages and litigation costs.

GoSpotCheck started in 2011. The company’s product is used to log field reports in retail and food industries. The six-year-old startup has raised $26 million in venture funding and now has more than 100 employees. GoSpotCheck recently moved into a new headquarters on Market Street in downtown Denver.

One of Hundreds of Lawsuit Defendants

GoSpotCheck is now one of the hundreds of companies that finds itself a Defendant in a Rothschild lawsuit. Rothschild has sued Samsung, Apple, and LG Electronics for their smartphone technology, along with scores of other tech companies.

A San Francisco company that buys patents to prevent tech clients from getting sued says that in one count of companies that hold patents but don’t produce goods, Rothschild was the most litigious patent owner in 2015. That year he filed over 140 lawsuits. In fact, just days before filing suit against GoSpotCheck, Rothschild Digital Confirmation filed a patent infringement case against FieldAware, a software company that also makes mobile apps for field workers.

GoSpotCheck’s CEO Talbot said that he considers the lawsuit a type of a “rite of passage”—but not one he anticipated.

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