Trade Secrets Attorneys Serving Orange County & Los Angeles

Your business may have a product or process that is exceptionally valuable to your business – so valuable that you want to maintain the rights far beyond the life of a patent. For those processes and products, you need to take great care to assure you are protecting your trade secrets.

The trade secrets attorneys at Ahmadshahi Law Offices can help you understand how you can protect your valuable trade secrets, and will litigate when legally enforceable secrets are revealed to others. We are located in Irvine, CA and serve clients throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

  • You may have trade secrets in addition to patents. A business may have a patent on a product, for example, but the manufacturing process could be a trade secret. That process needs trade secret protection.
  • Protecting trade secrets can be a complicated process. Protecting a customer list, for example, would take a different set of protections than a product formula. Your trade secrets lawyer can explain what documents and systems you need to protect your intellectual property.
  • If a product can be reverse-engineered, it cannot be protected by trade secret. A trade secret is know-how that cannot be reverse engineered. In that situation, a patent for the process or product may be the appropriate way to protect your intellectual property.
  • If an employee, a partner, a supplier, or someone else who has agreed to protect your trade secret violates that agreement, we can advise you about IP litigation.